Life During This Season (Engagement)

I walked to our backyard like I did so many afternoons that July. Mumbling off things we needed to clean. Wondering why the dogs were not at the backdoor ready to come inside. Wondering where Charles was. Wondering why Charles was down on one knee with roses by his side as I turned the corner. Things changed that afternoon. I was his co-worker first and then his teammate and his friend and then his girlfriend. And shortly after I stepped out the door that July afternoon, I became his fiancé.


It is wedding week! Our engagement season will be coming to an end in a few short days. This is the last post I am publishing for the month. I am off the next five weeks from photography and blogging to get married, enjoy a honeymoon and get back to a “new” normal life. YAY! Continue reading

Wedding Update | 9 Days Away

I pray for strength and persistence to write and photograph this time in my life. I believe there is a good story here, and I pray that I see it.

Ashley Landry Photography -2

I set out last fall with the idea to write about wedding planning. Why? Because I figured it would be a huge part of my life over the next months (it was). I was excited about it. And, I thought I could share information to help any one who might be in the same stage of life. Continue reading

I have seen bigger mountains than this…

I purchased a film camera from Amazon last month because I am curious about shooting film. It has been on my mind lately. I love the look of film images. They have a timeless appeal to them. And if others can shoot beautiful photographs in film, why can’t I?

Ashley Landry Photography -32

So, last month I started the research process on equipment, pricing, and what exactly I would need. I found a camera that felt like a good starting point for me. So, I ordered it along with batteries and film. Few weeks later, my new challenge arrived at our front door. Continue reading

Five Tips For Telling Your Engagement Story

The more I photograph, the more I understand the importance of storytelling. The two go hand-in-hand. Photographs are beautiful. But, when you incorporate words along with them, the photographs come to life. That it is probably why I enjoy Instagram as a social media outlet so much because it allows you to connect both words and photographs together and tell a good story.
This last year of my life has been so different. A very good different! I turned thirty. I became a fiancé. I started planning a wedding. I felt like a bride for the first time in my life. Throughout all of it, I found myself wanting to remember what it felt like to be in this spot. To be in this time of my life. All that left me with one question: How am I going to tell this story and remember this time?
Ashley Landry Photography | July-7
Whether we realize it or not, we tell stories more often than we think. These days we have a TON of resources to create, document, and share our lives. We have social media, videos, websites, and blogs. If you choose not to share your information online, you can journal or photograph or create something. Depending on which option you choose, you can find yourself creating content for different types of audiences and learning how to tell a good story. It can be difficult.

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