Wedding Update | 37 of Days Away

I sat in the same chair that I sat in the last few months as our priest learned more about us and what type of wedding we were planning. I handed over the paperwork regarding our ceremony readings. That was the last decision we needed to make for the ceremony. We chatted about the planning process and how everything was going. And it wasn’t until the end of the meeting until he said those words that it hit me… The next time I will see you both, it will be your rehearsal.


I had writer’s block as I began writing this post. I almost don’t how to explain these last few weeks and days. It is a mixture of excitement and peace and stress and readiness all balled into one. It is a good feeling!

We are at the point of finalizing all of our decisions and getting everything in place. It is chaotic and fun! Continue reading

How I Saved for Wedding Expenses

After I finalized last week’s post on wedding expenses and budgeting (you can check out the post here), it felt like the wedding expense and budgeting conversation was not complete yet. It was great to talk about budgeting. It was great to showcase how to calculate what you need to save for wedding expenses. It was great to create a plan. But once you create a plan, how do you put saving into action? That is the question I want to dive into today.SavedSquare

Keep in mind this post explains saving for our wedding, but you can change “wedding” into any category you would like. It may be a dream vacation to Europe. Or saving for a new car. Or purchasing camera equipment to start a side job on the weekends (this was me a few years ago). Create a goal for whatever works for you and your life! Continue reading

How I Budgeted for Wedding Expenses

Save for something before you purchase. Have the funds available. Live within your means. We’ve heard these money phrases before. I know I have. They drive how we spend our money, and they played a role in our budgeting process as we prepared for wedding expenses.


When Charles and I got engaged, one of our first conversations was the wedding budget and what we pictured our wedding day to be. I am a spreadsheet nerd. I blame it on my financial background and the fact that I use Excel on a daily basis. Shortly after our first wedding budget conversation, I created a spreadsheet (with Charles help of course) that helped us track wedding expenses and determine what we needed to budget for our wedding day. Throughout this process I have passed this information on to several brides and thought it was time to put together a post on the topic. Who doesn’t love talking expenses and budgeting, right! Right? Continue reading

Casey Family | Baton Rouge Family Photographer

Photography allows me to be a kid again. Especially when I photograph families. Part of my job is keeping children smiling and laughing and entertained all when creating family collections that are honest and filled with love. Each session presents its own challenges. Yet, when I get home and edit photographs and notice that the images I captured meet the vision in my mind, I feel at ease. I feel as though my job is done. And that is exactly how I felt after finishing this recent family session.

Say hi to the Caseys!

Ashley Landry Photography | Social Media - March 2017-50

Some of my favorite photographs from this session were the ones that included the bubbles. They remind me of how carefree it is as a child, and I love that. At the very end of our session, we included a few minutes of blowing bubbles as we walked back to the parking lot. This time allowed me to capture some beautiful action shots while giving Aida some playtime as she did an amazing job throughout our session. Along with capturing beautiful family photographs, we documented a fun of afternoon having fun. Here is peak into their session with a few of my favorite photographs – Enjoy!! Continue reading