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Question: When you shoot a personal photograph, do you expect to use it for blog post?

Actually, no. Let me explain more about creating blog posts.

The question above was asked to me several times since this post here was published. The photograph that stirred this question was this one:


Back Story of the Photograph

Charles and I were on our second day of our honeymoon. We hopped in our jeep and were driving around the Big Island. We ended up at this lookout spot. It was quiet and windy. We parked our jeep off to the side and walked towards the edge (or at least as close as we wanted to get). I pulled out my camera. I caught this… Continue reading

The Big Island of Hawaii | Travel

I closed my eyes and curled up as much as I could in the seat of the airplane. In eight hours I would have the sight of blue water and colorful flowers and palm trees at every turn in my view. That is what I focused on as the stewardess walked through the aisle checking for fastened seatbelts one last time. In eight hours, my view would be relaxing.


I love traveling, but I hate the process of getting there (I get motion sickness). Every time I arrive at my destination I understand the day of traveling is well worth it, and that is exactly how I felt when we arrived in Hawaii for our honeymoon. I am excited to share with you today some of our favorite spots we found on the Big Island of Hawaii and how we spent our days! Continue reading

You made a commitment.

Just start. Write something. Do something. You made a commitment. You put specific date in your last post. You made it a point to give yourself a date to start publishing again. You got your break. You needed it. Now, it is time to start. Again. 

I write myself pep talks some days. Especially when I am not sure where to start and have stared at a keyboard three days straight and have nothing to show for it. When I hit that point, the pep talk needs to happen.

Sometimes starting feels like jumping off a diving board for the first time as a kid. You are nervous. You are not sure what is going to happen next or what is it to come or what it will feel like to hit the water. But, you know you need to do it. And, you will.

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