New here? Come sit next to me and let’s talk!

Hi, I’m Ashley and I’m so excited you are here! Let me begin by saying THANK YOU for taking the time to make it to my corner of the Internet. It still surprises me today that I actually have a corner of the Internet. I say that because the girl I was five years ago – the girl who was fresh out of college searching for what exactly she wanted to do with life – that girl had no clue that she would document, create, or photograph. She never imagined that would be a part of her life. But today, that is my reality.

About Me. I reside in the beautiful Baton Rouge area where I spend each day next to the man I love. We have two spoiled, lovable puppies – one chocolate lab and one terrier mix – who completely have our hearts. That is life for me. Fun and beautiful. Fresh flowers are always sprinkled around the house when you walk through my front door. Along with those you may find a very organized closet and a home office that is starting to feel like me. I have a love for a Louisiana and everything she represents. Her culture. Her style. Her ways. Her hospitality. Her beauty. Her history. I could lose her humidity, but I know…. Compromise. She inspires me daily, and I will always carry a piece of her in my heart. I have a weakness for dark chocolate. I love hearing a good story and enjoy reading any chance I can get. Business, inspirational and personal stories are just some of the topics I dive into as often as possible. And, of course, I love taking pictures, but as a photographer I’m sure you would expect that! Truthfully, I have a passion for documenting life. That is the driving force behind everything that is created here.

About My Photography. I want to remember. That is what inspires my photography. I want to remember everything. The fun. The smiles. The small details. When you pick up a photograph five years later, I want you to remember that moment. The one moment that takes you back to the way his face lit up as he tore through the red and green wrapping paper on Christmas morning to see the helicopter that he would spend the next several months playing with each afternoon. Running around the house. Softly whispering helicopter sounds around each and every corner. I took a photograph of my nephew Christmas morning opening one of his favorite presents of the day. And each time I look at that photograph I remember the amount of excitement in his voice as he ripped through the wrapping paper. Those memories are why I enjoy photographing. To capture real life. If you are interested in working with me, feel free to check out Q + A for more information  about my sessions or email ashleylandryphotography@gmail.com with any questions. I would love to hear from you!

About My Writing. Writing began as a way to gather my thoughts. I kept it simple. I wrote about my days or moments that made me happy. Or I wrote about questions that puzzled me that didn’t seem to have answers at the time or the minutes filled with laughter. I began documenting all of it. I let the words gather on paper, and what I found was that I really enjoyed documenting my life in that way. Writing was freeing. And honest. It showed me a side of myself that I had no clue existed. In September 2014, I decided to share my words with others, and  created a personal blog to share my travels, growing love of photography, and honest words. My goal from the beginning was simple. To create a space to document life. That was the reason I created a blog months ago and that is what you will continue to read today.

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