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Question: When you shoot a personal photograph, do you expect to use it for blog post?

Actually, no. Let me explain more about creating blog posts.

The question above was asked to me several times since this post here was published. The photograph that stirred this question was this one:


Back Story of the Photograph

Charles and I were on our second day of our honeymoon. We hopped in our jeep and were driving around the Big Island. We ended up at this lookout spot. It was quiet and windy. We parked our jeep off to the side and walked towards the edge (or at least as close as we wanted to get). I pulled out my camera. I caught this…

Hooker Honeymoon Film - ALP-17

It really was a beautiful spot on the island.

Then I handed my camera to Charles, and he snapped the photo above of me.

I usually don’t get in front of the camera, and I am trying to change that. It helps me understand how a client feels, and I want my photographs to portray real life, which means I need to be in a few.

Was I really running in the photograph? Nope. I trip over my own two feet every day. Seriously though, every day. So, running on a cliff was not gonna happen. But, I love photographs that have you “doing” something.

Did I know I was going to write about “taking a leap” when I took the photograph? Nope. My goal was to photograph some fun shots of our trip. That was it.

Back Story of the Writing

Here is the thing with writing: The more you write, the more the words will come to you.

It was the last week of July. I carved out time to blog before, and nothing was coming to me. So, I just started writing for sixty minutes that day. The next day I wrote for another sixty minutes.

I wrote about my life. About getting our house organized again from our wedding. I wrote about what was on my mind lately about my career. I wrote about the fall season and what I expected to accomplish. And then I wrote about starting. How it felt to be starting again. I had a good motivation for blogging before the wedding, and I expected that motivation to come back so easily.

Creating Posts

I journal all the time. I have a prayer journal. I carry a notebook in my purse. I have learned that ideas can hit you at any time. I keep notebooks handy in case that happens.

When I create a post, I look for words that I wrote and loved. Words that were honest and heartfelt. Then I look for topics that are relatable to my readers. Am I the only person who has started something and then stopped and then started again? Nope. Am I only the person who might need motivation one morning? Nope. If I can use what is happening in my life to help someone or make someone feel appreciated, why not do it.

It felt so good to publish that post and talk about starting again. It also felt good to have that post became more of a two-way conversation – I loved that! Blogging can get quiet sometimes. I love when I came share something that sparks a conversation!

Enjoy your day!

XOXO – Ashley

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