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I closed my eyes and curled up as much as I could in the seat of the airplane. In eight hours I would have the sight of blue water and colorful flowers and palm trees at every turn in my view. That is what I focused on as the stewardess walked through the aisle checking for fastened seatbelts one last time. In eight hours, my view would be relaxing.


I love traveling, but I hate the process of getting there (I get motion sickness). Every time I arrive at my destination I understand the day of traveling is well worth it, and that is exactly how I felt when we arrived in Hawaii for our honeymoon. I am excited to share with you today some of our favorite spots we found on the Big Island of Hawaii and how we spent our days!

Easiest Way to See the Island

Rent a car. When we arrived in Kona, we headed straight to the rental car facility and grabbed a two-door jeep to use throughout our trip. This was my second trip to the Big Island, and one of the reasons I love this spot is how laid-back the atmosphere is and how much you can see in one location.

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We spent one day in Hilo hiking to waterfalls and seeing more of the greenery/flowery side of the island. On other days we headed to the volcano side of the island and the southern most part of the island to see different views and the black sand beaches.

And remember to pull over on the side of the road if you see something you want to check out. We walked through a lava tunnel, grabbed fresh pineapples and coconuts, and stopped at some mountainous scenic spots. And, all those spots were found as we drove the island.

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Most Welcoming Spot

The time difference between Louisiana and Hawaii (it is a five-hour time difference) meant being up early on a Sunday morning was extremely easy. This allowed us to visit the Painted Church located in Kona for mass.

We made the short drive from our hotel to the church (about 20 minutes). As we walked into the small, white building we were greeted with homemade leis as the sounds of a small congregation sang softly beside us. We celebrated mass and received a blessing at the end since we were traveling for our honeymoon.

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Most Relaxing Day

The beach day. After planning a wedding, a day on the beach with a good book in my hand was exactly what I needed to relax. We found the beaches located by Waikoloa Beach Resort and Hapuna Beach State Park to be the best spots on the Big Island. These areas were not overly crowded, had calm water where you could rent items, and had food locations nearby that were priced well.

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Best Breakfast Place

Huggo’s had my heart when it came to breakfast. So much that we ate there twice during our four days there. It was a short drive from our hotel (less than five minutes away), and it was located right on the ocean. You get a gorgeous view as you snack on your eggs, bacon, and fresh pineapple for breakfast. That was the best to me.

A Must Do While In Hawaii

If you travel to Hawaii, you have to do a luau. It should be a part of your trip. We booked the Island Breeze Luau for our last night on the Big Island. The experience consists of hula lessons, a fire show, and local Hawaiian cuisine.

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That was the first half of our trip and not a bad way to spend our first days as a married couple. Beautiful and relaxing, right? Up next is a recap of our stay in Oahu!

So, have you ever visited the Big Island? Any must-see items that we missed?

XOXO – Ashley

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