You made a commitment.

Just start. Write something. Do something. You made a commitment. You put specific date in your last post. You made it a point to give yourself a date to start publishing again. You got your break. You needed it. Now, it is time to start. Again. 

I write myself pep talks some days. Especially when I am not sure where to start and have stared at a keyboard three days straight and have nothing to show for it. When I hit that point, the pep talk needs to happen.

Sometimes starting feels like jumping off a diving board for the first time as a kid. You are nervous. You are not sure what is going to happen next or what is it to come or what it will feel like to hit the water. But, you know you need to do it. And, you will.


In the last six weeks, I…

  • Said I do and got a new last name! It was a beautiful day, and our wedding was everything I dreamed it would be! I will share more about our wedding soon.
  • Traveled to Hawaii. Hiked to waterfalls. Relaxed on beaches. Visited Pearl Harbor. Ate fresh pineapples. I will share more about our trip to Hawaii soon.
  • Shot five rolls of film and got them developed. Y’all… film is rocking my world! This may be the photography nerd in me, but I just love it. Seriously love it.
  • Unwrapped wedding gifts and wrote tons of thank you notes.
  • Received our wedding pictures! I LOVE them – like absolutely love them!!
  • Smiled every time I saw Charles’ wedding ring.
  • Said prayers. Big prayers. Little prayers. Prayers for clarity on what is next in life.
  • Spiralized vegetables. Putting wedding gifts to use is fun! I recently made this recipe here.
  • Began reading this entrepreneurship book here. I am on Chapter 4, and I can already tell this will be a re-read in my future.
  • Booked photography sessions! It feels so good to be back and shooting for families again.
  • Watched Netflix.
  • Went to a wine tasting.
  • And rested, which is exactly what I needed.

I personally love breaks, especially within the blogging process. Breaks are necessary for me as a writer. They leave me with filled with ideas and like I can tackle anything and allow me to enjoy the benefits of hard work. The hardest part about a break is starting again and getting back into a routine. That is where I am today.

In the last two weeks, I set timers for 60 minutes here and 60 minutes there to start again. Start writing. Start organizing all the photographs from the last two months. Start brainstorming ideas on what I can share with you that would be beneficial in your life.  Giving sixty minutes of my day seemed easy and doable. And, each time I sat down to work, the ideas followed more and more, which that put my mind at ease to know that my blogging momentum will be back soon.

I made a commitment to myself a few years ago when I started the process of blogging. I made a promise that I would pursue this opportunity in my life as long as it brought me joy. Blogging has challenged me. Blogging has changed me. And blogging since day one and still today brings me a joy that I would have never guess existed had I not said yes to creating this space. It is that joy that I cling today as I start again. It is that joy that will give me the strength to spend the next few months writing beautiful stories, sharing my favorite photographs, and providing you with tips for life. And it is that joy that puts a smile on a my face as I push publish on this post today.

Thank you for following along and a being a faithful reader! And, welcome back! We have a beautiful few months ahead of us!

XOXO – Ashley

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