Life During This Season (Engagement)

I walked to our backyard like I did so many afternoons that July. Mumbling off things we needed to clean. Wondering why the dogs were not at the backdoor ready to come inside. Wondering where Charles was. Wondering why Charles was down on one knee with roses by his side as I turned the corner. Things changed that afternoon. I was his co-worker first and then his teammate and his friend and then his girlfriend. And shortly after I stepped out the door that July afternoon, I became his fiancé.


It is wedding week! Our engagement season will be coming to an end in a few short days. This is the last post I am publishing for the month. I am off the next five weeks from photography and blogging to get married, enjoy a honeymoon and get back to a “new” normal life. YAY!

As I brainstormed on what to write this week, I came back to the word fiancé over and over. What it meant to be a fiancé. What changed in my life after slipping a beautiful ring on my finger. How holding the title of fiancé was exciting. This felt like the right week to put together a reflection of what changed and what I learned during our engagement season.


You glance at your left hand quite a bit. I do not wear rings normally. So, having something on my left hand felt different at first. I absolutely love my ring, and I can’t tell you how often I glanced over to my left hand to check it out. I love having my ring and everything it represents.

You gain family. More people to celebrate and to celebrate with. More get-togethers. More memories. More people to love in your life.

You learn how to talk wedding. This is one of the biggest changes, and it felt like it happened immediately. My usual conversations changed from normal life stuff to wedding planning. Do you have a date? Where are you getting married? What about the dress? Did you pick your flowers? What are your colors? Wedding was the topic of conversation for almost any one I came in contact with those months. And I enjoyed it. I will say this. I was so happy to talk wedding during the moments where I was knocking things off the to-do list – I felt accomplished. The other moments… Where I could not figure out what decision to make and felt overwhelmed… That’s another story. I definitely experienced both.

You get busier. It happens. Little by little spare time became making wedding decisions and researching wedding ideas. The closer the wedding date came, the more little decisions needed to be made.

You make sooo many decisions. And you have stressful times. You learn how you and your future hubby handle those times. I laugh as I wrote that sentence because I learned to appreciate Charles a little more during those weeks. He kept me calm, and he balanced my worry when I needed him.

You learn it is just one day. This was my most important take from this experience. Our wedding day, as much as I want it to be beautiful and perfect and be executed flawlessly, in reality probably won’t happen that way. And I understand that. I am excited because I know however our day turns out it will be memorable.


How was your engagement season? Any memories or lessons you learned throughout the process that stick with you? I’d love to hear about it!

Thank you everyone for following along and the sweet wishes during this time in our lives! We appreciate your love and support!

XOXO – Ashley

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