Wedding Update | 9 Days Away

I pray for strength and persistence to write and photograph this time in my life. I believe there is a good story here, and I pray that I see it.

Ashley Landry Photography -2

I set out last fall with the idea to write about wedding planning. Why? Because I figured it would be a huge part of my life over the next months (it was). I was excited about it. And, I thought I could share information to help any one who might be in the same stage of life.

I put together a list of ideas I thought I would write about. I researched other bloggers and wedding blogs for inspiration since writing about a wedding was something I had never done. I created a timeframe on how often I thought I would write, and I went to work each month. And today I get to share my last wedding update post. Y’all, I did it! I stayed to writing a schedule!

Can we pause for a minute while I do my happy dance for sticking to a writing schedule? Finding the right topics to write about, staying inspired, and following through with a schedule are parts of blogging I’ve struggled with in the past. Finding the right schedule that works for me is something I have wanted to accomplish for awhile. With this topic and the frequency of posting, I feel like it worked! Alright, now back to the post and wedding talk…

Ashley Landry Photography -67

Current Mood: Excitement with a touch of tiredness and a mentality to push through any last decisions that need to be made. Wedding planning has slowed down, and I am excited to see everything come together.

Current Lessons/Thoughts On My Mind: What does relaxation look like to me? I have found myself with extra time on my hands lately, which is weird for me. I am used to being busy and having a list of things that “need” to be done. It is almost like I have forgotten what it feels like to not be busy, and I am relearning what it feels to relax.

Current Location: At our kitchen table with a glass full of tea (In a mug that was supposed to be in the bridal party bags, but I ended up not ordering enough and decided to go a different route. So, I gained a mug. That is my random story for the day.)

Current Phrase I Can’t Stop Saying: We are in the home stretch.

Current Action Making Me Smile: The Daily Wedding Countdown (Thank you C!)

What’s Happening Lately

Hotel Block & Gift Bags. When we initially booked our hotel block back in August, I wasn’t expecting us to need many rooms for guests. Not sure why I had that idea in mind, but that is what I pictured… With the wedding so close, we filled our block and then some. That wasn’t something I was expecting, and I’m thankful we were able to reserve extra rooms for everyone. Everything always works itself out. Over the last few weeks, we worked together to fill gift bags for everyone. I’m excited to share these with our guests!

Ashley Landry Photography -6

Celebrate Bridal Shower. I can’t thank our family and friends enough for the afternoon they put together! It was exactly what I was picturing, and I’m glad I was able to see familiar faces before our wedding day.


Ashley Landry Photography -57


Finalize Details. This is where majority of my time has been spent the last few weeks. So many decisions revolve around the total guest count. Once we had all the RSVPs counted, we finalized the layout for tables and the amount of menu items we needed to order for the rehearsal dinner and reception.

Ashley Landry Photography -4

Honeymoon Planning & Travel. I realized when I was writing this post that I haven’t said much on the topic of planning a honeymoon. Not sure why because I LOVE a good travel post. I am thinking about putting something together that is travel and planning related later this summer. Any planning questions you would love answered, just let me know!

The Recap.

Accomplished Tasks:

– Final Guest Count. Done.

Celebrate Bridal Shower. Done.

Finalize Menu Options. Done.

Pick Music. Done.

– Send Final Payments. In progress. Two vendors left.

Finalize Rehearsal Dinner Details. Done.

Gift Bags for Wedding Party and Hotel Guests. Done.

– Create a Wedding Day Timeline. I haven’t started this yet.

Up Next:

– Pack for Honeymoon.

– Finish sending THANK YOU cards.

– Get everything ready and organized for the day of.

If you would like to read more about our wedding, check out this post here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. If you need tips for budgeting and saving for a wedding, check out this post here and here. If you need ideas on how to tell your engagement story, check out this post here. And if you have any questions just let me know – I would love to help in anyway!

XOXO – Ashley

4 thoughts on “Wedding Update | 9 Days Away

  1. So excited for the two of you. So many of us forget just how much goes into planning a perfect occasion. Your wedding day will be a memorable event due to your much thought out details and the love you and Charles will be surrounded with.
    Knowing you like I feel I do, the details of this wedding is with every guest in mind as much as the two of you. On June 23rd use your senses and remember to breathe. Wake to the smell of that first cup of coffee, your beautiful flowers, and the scents around you. See the beauty in all of your hard work, the details of your wedding dress and the smiles on everyone’s faces. Taste the sweetness of the kiss from the love of your life, and of course that cake. Hear the music and blessing from all and last but definitely not least feel the love.

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