I have seen bigger mountains than this…

I purchased a film camera from Amazon last month because I am curious about shooting film. It has been on my mind lately. I love the look of film images. They have a timeless appeal to them. And if others can shoot beautiful photographs in film, why can’t I?

Ashley Landry Photography -32

So, last month I started the research process on equipment, pricing, and what exactly I would need. I found a camera that felt like a good starting point for me. So, I ordered it along with batteries and film. Few weeks later, my new challenge arrived at our front door.

Never stop learning.

How often do we hear those words? You know what, they are so true. There is something about the learning process that teaches you such good lessons, and I have been feeling them lately.

By Memorial Day weekend, I was ready to photograph my first roll of film. That entire weekend the camera came with me everywhere so I could practice shooting in different lights with different subjects. The funny thing is not seeing the image immediately after it was taken left me feeling inspired and excited. I wasn’t expecting that. In no time, I photographed my first roll.

I spent the next few days researching labs to send my roll to get developed. I found one lab that felt like a good place to start. So, the next day I printed off my shipping label, packaged the roll with a nice note inside (because I wanted them to know this was my first roll – what can I say, I was excited), and delivered the package to the Post Office.

And now I wait. I wait for my images to be scanned and processed. I wait for my images to arrive back to me. I wait to see what I need to learn next and how I need to improve. I wait.

Nothing like learning something new to remind me how impatient I can be.

If you are anything like me, wishing to skip the “learning stage” and jump right into the “I’ve mastered this stage” crossed your mind. You can admit it. Those thoughts definitely crossed mine.

But, here I am. Patiently waiting on what is to come next. And I find myself whispering the words… Whatever comes back, I have seen bigger mountains than this. Whatever the images look like, I have seen bigger mountains than this. Whatever I need to learn or research or figure out, I can do it. I have seen bigger mountains than this.

That is my motto these days. That is where I am placing my hope. That is what I know will come of this challenge.

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