Wedding Update | 37 of Days Away

I sat in the same chair that I sat in the last few months as our priest learned more about us and what type of wedding we were planning. I handed over the paperwork regarding our ceremony readings. That was the last decision we needed to make for the ceremony. We chatted about the planning process and how everything was going. And it wasn’t until the end of the meeting until he said those words that it hit me… The next time I will see you both, it will be your rehearsal.


I had writer’s block as I began writing this post. I almost don’t how to explain these last few weeks and days. It is a mixture of excitement and peace and stress and readiness all balled into one. It is a good feeling!

We are at the point of finalizing all of our decisions and getting everything in place. It is chaotic and fun!

What’s Happening Lately

Finalize Ceremony Details. Charles and I had the final meeting with our priest last week where we finalized our ceremony details. That meeting for me was where it really sunk in that our wedding is almost here.

Final Dress Fitting and Alterations. I dropped off my wedding dress about two weeks ago to get alterations completed. On Friday, the alterations were complete, and I was able to slip the dress on one more time before taking it home.

RSVPs Arriving. I’ve enjoyed checking the mail the last few weeks and laughing at the notes left on the RSVPs. To keep track of the RSVPs, we put a small basket on our kitchen counter (where we usually drop our mail), and put the RSVPs in there as they arrived. Last week, we went through the RSVPs and updated our Wedding Spreadsheet for a final guest count.

Creating Gift Bags for the Bridal Party and Hotel Guests. I looked on Pinterest and found a ton of ideas for gift bags. There are so many options. I ended picking items that were personal to us or we thought would be nice to have for a wedding weekend. I have everything ordered for the gifts, we just need to put the gift bags together.

The Recap.

Accomplished Tasks:

Pick Readings. Done.
Pick Ceremony Music. Done.
Pick a Pianist. Done.
– Final Dress FittingDone.
Pick Outfits for Bridal Shower and Rehearsal Dinner. Done.
– Keep track of RSVPs and final guest count. In progress.

Up Next:

– Celebrate Bridal Shower.
– Finalize Menu Options.
– Finalize Dessert Bar Options.
– Finalize Reception Music and Pick Our First Dance Song.
– Send Final Payments. I’ve already started on this, and we only have a few vendors left!
– Order and Mail Rehearsal Dinner Invitations. Started. I have the invitations picked out. I need to add our information and finalize the guest list.
– Finalize Rehearsal Dinner Details.
​- Put together Gift Bags for Wedding Party and Hotel Guests.
– Create a Wedding Day Timeline.

I feel like each day that passes I get a little more excited for what is to come. For a marriage. For a husband. For commitment. For family. For a relaxing honeymoon. For becoming A. Hooker (that one is for you Charles). It is almost here!

XOXO  – Ashley “AKA the Future Mrs. Hooker”

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5 thoughts on “Wedding Update | 37 of Days Away

  1. I enjoyed peeking into your mind as I read this, smiling the whole time. Memories are being made that you and Charles will look back on and smile as well!!!

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