Wedding Update | 65 Days Away

I know You have something for these two hands of mine to do. I pray you let me know what that is and where you need me to be and how I need to create. I am listening.


We are less than three months away from our wedding day. Three Months. I’m getting excited, and to be honest I am ready for the day to be here. A lot has happened/got planned/arrived since I wrote a wedding update here. So, I wanted to put together a post today to share how everything is going!

What’s Happening Lately

Front Door Deliveries. We kept UPS extra busy lately. I turned to online shopping to purchase the extra gifts and details that we need as we get closer to June. Everything from stamps to wedding favors to stickers to gift bags arrived at the front door last month. Speaking of online shopping…

Ashley Landry Photography-1

I found my wedding shoes!! I LOVE them! LOVE LOVE LOVE them! These shoes have the perfect amount of sparkle and elegance that I was searching for in wedding shoes. On the other side…

Finding dresses for the rehearsal dinner and bridal shower has not happened… Yet. Here is the thing. I am not a fan of white dresses. I am pale, and when I put white on I feel… Even paler. Not sure how to fix this problem… Yet. Searching for other colors and options is my next attempt.

Dresses Arrived. Flower girls and bridesmaids received dresses! This is my niece at her flower girl fitting. She loved the dress! But, she had a hard time understanding why she could not take the dress home that day and wear it. And to go along with that, she said that she would wear her dress on the wedding day as long as she had high heels to go with it. We have a girly-girl on our hands. 


The Final List. Yep, I am at the point where the final to-do list is here. Everything is listed out for final payment dates, decision dates, and last minute things we need to get together. I am sure updates to the list will happen as we move through the next few weeks. It just shows… We are almost at our wedding day!!!!

Stuffed, Stamped, + Ready To Go. Wedding invitations arrived. Picking the actual invitation was harder than expected. For other printed items, we usually had our ideas narrowed down pretty quickly. With wedding invitations, I ordered six sample sets, which helped us to narrow down to the final choice after seeing the options in person. This is how our decision processed looked. We picked navy for other printed invitations. However, we leaned towards a classic black/white choice for our wedding invitation.

Ashley Landry Photography | March 2017-6

Marriage Prep. We did our marriage prep day a few weeks ago with our churchOne exercise we completed during that day was defining what our vows would mean to each of us. It was interesting to see how we thought about marriage and what it meant to both of us.  

How I Am Staying Organized

The amount of details you need to keep track of during the wedding planning process can add up. It is a lot. I found the following have kept me organized during this time:

Wedding Spreadsheet. After getting engaged, I created a spreadsheet in Excel for our wedding that included a budget, a guest list(s), addresses, and a to-do list for what needs to be completed before the big day. This spreadsheet is my go-to for understanding where we are at with wedding planning and what needs to be completed soon. Lifesaver. Thinking about putting together a post on this in a few weeks. 

Personal Planner. I purchase a Simplified Planner every year in September. I have used this particular brand for the last four years, and I enjoy having a tangible calendar/planner rather than keeping every detail in my phone. This planner helps me stay organized with life and work schedules. What I have found is that the Simplified Planner helps with wedding planning as well. As we met with vendors, I would staple receipts/business cards/menus to the dates these decisions needed to be made so that I had all that information in one place. I know how much we paid (and what balance needs to be paid), what menus/decisions we need make, and who we need to contact. It helps me to see ahead of time what needs to be completed each month.

Wedding Binder + Email. Because you receive tons of contracts and paperwork and menus and everything else, it has been helpful to put all paperwork in our wedding binder. If anything is emailed to either of us, I print out a copy for the binder and save the email in a folder to keep everything organized. I also found that it was helpful to keep emails that we sent to the wedding party or family about showers, dinners, or hotel information in one place because you will refer back to them at some point or resend them.

The Recap.

Accomplished Tasks:

Create the Wedding Registry. Done. We selected items from Pottery Barn and Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

Order Wedding Invitations. Done. Stuffed, stamped, and mailed as of this week.

Pick Rehearsal Dinner Invitations. Done.

– Bridal Shower Prep. In Progress. I love the ideas my family and friends have put together!

Up Next:

– Order Rehearsal Dinner Invitations and finalize rehearsal details.

– Pick readings and finalize ceremony details.

– Put together gift bags.

Thank you for following along as I document our engagement process – I love that you are here celebrating with us!

XOXO – Ashley “AKA The Future Mrs. Hooker”

P.S. If you would love to read more of our wedding story, you can check out the post here, here, here, here, and here for more information!

4 thoughts on “Wedding Update | 65 Days Away

  1. Thanks for sharing! I’m about 6 months away from my wedding, and man the lists have added up. I enjoyed reading your post. I’ve been blogging about my engagement and wedding planning. Stop by my page for a quick read sometime! I feel your pain on being pale and expected to wear white. The struggle!

    • CONGRATS on your engagement!! Enjoy this time because it is a lot of fun! Thank you so much for stopping by and reading about our story! Blogging has been a great way to share with everyone how the planning is going and reliving all the moments! I will definitely stop by and read your posts! Good luck on the planning!!

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